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Car keys have become more and more digital and computer-based. Due to this, keys can't just be cut, they have to be synced to the car's network. Our experts are equipped with the latest and best technology that the industry can provide. They will be able to connect their system directly into your car and connect to any type of key.

Take some time to have a look at the full range of auto locksmith services that our team can provide. They are committed to providing a stress-free service and are always willing to adapt their service around you.

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Key Programming

Our technicians are all equipped with key programming systems for all types of keys and manufacturers. These pieces of equipment allow our team to connect a brand-new key directly to your car, enabling all the functions you are used to and even maintain keyless entry & start-up features.

Our key diagnostics systems allow us to quickly and efficiently connect to any key. Our systems work in accordance with VW/Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar and all the other big brands.

  • Keyless Entry Enabled
  • Seamless Service
  • Full Key Features
  • Quick Service
  • Trusted by Manufacturers

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We understand that when you are faced with a problem with your vehicle, your whole day can come to a stop. We are built up of a team of trained technicians who have been operating throughout Wolverhampton for a number of years. Within this time we have developed a service that is efficient and effective.

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